Yohimbine Hydrochloride

Having the scientific name Pausinystalia johimbe, it is well-known all over the world for to its powerful chemical called Yohimbine hydrochloride that is found in the bark of this tree which is generally found in Central and Western Africa. It has been been approved and acknowledged by international drug agencies due to its various uses in the treatment of many health issues. It has emerged as an extremely useful and effective herbal product that has a powerful effect on the human body system. The bark of this tree is used as an aphrodisiac as well as other health boosters.

The sad part, however is that these trees have been over-harvested for the Yohimbe bark and valuable extracts, the repercussion of which has been the steep drop in the availability of such trees, especially in certain West African countries.
Whenever you comes across anyone claiming to be a Yohimbine hydrochloride manufacturer or a Yohimbine hydrochloride exporter in India whose product contains yohimbine hydrochloride, you need to ensure that it is indeed that


Therefore, it is advisable to get it from a certified herbal practitioner, a licensed health store or a authentic yohimbine hydrochloride supplier. Owing to its wide array of applicable conditions, you need to ensure you are dealing with a proper dose, as even too much of it can prove dangerous.
Some of its most useful and effective health benefits are discussed below:

Boosts Circulation

Some people, due to their low energy levels, tend to have a slow blood circulatory system, slow metabolism, slow immunity, slow healing speed and cognitive cloudiness. To fight these health issues, you need a vasodilator, and this is where it finds its application as an effective remedy as it helps in expanding the blood vessels and aids in improving the blood flow to give additional oxygen and vital nutrients to cells and organs. If you add a sufficient amount of Yohimbe to your health supplement regimen, you can drastically boost energy levels, improve cognition and improve healing.

Reduces Hypertension

When the tension in the blood vessels and arteries is eased by the use of the Yohimbe, it works wonders for your total cardiovascular health. When the bloods vessels are constricted, your heart needs to work extra hard to pump blood through them and this results in an increase in blood pressure. This rise is blood pressure is one of the most common reasons of heart attacks and paralytic strokes as the blood vessels and arteries get blocked due to high blood pressure. By adding this to your diet, you can definitely improve your overall health and prevention of coronary ailments.

Weight Loss

This is a valuable product that is widely relied upon for shredding the extra weight. Many people, despite working out regularly are unable to cut down on the body fat. Yohimbine hcl can block a particular set of adrenoreceptors in the human body, which then allows for increased norepinephrine levels in the body. Norepinephrine restricts the fat from settling, and this helps in additional break down of the fat in the difficult areas of the body. The effects of Yohimbine on your hormone levels needs to be monitored strictly and regularly. So it is advisable to consult a medical professional prior to adding it to your workout schedule.

Improves Athlete Performance

This has been found to improve athletic performance to a great extent. Apart from weight loss, it also aids in the increase of muscle mass and the reduction of fatigue. Research has revealed that it has the potential to increase the energy expenditure of the human body, thus enhancing the energy levels to improve athletic performance. Ensure that you take this in limited quantities, as excessive amounts may lead to side effects.

Relieves Depression

An adequate amount of dopamine is necessary for the human brain to stay efficient and active. Lower levels of dopamine can generate fatigue, depression and lack of motivation. Due to its unique herbal properties, it helps in increasing dopamine levels, providing a relief from the miserable effects of low dopamine. But ensure that you take only prescribed amounts if you want the desired results. So, consulting with your doctor before including Yohimbine hcl in your diet could help you avoid unwanted side effects.

Treats Erectile Dysfunction

Symptoms of impotence can turn out to be a complicated situation for men suffering from it. Yohimbe extract provides with men with smooth flow of blood to the genitals, and this helps in treating erectile dysfunction, boosting libido and increasing fertility. This can turn out to be a perfect herbal solution if you are suffering from erectile dysfunction. Many pharmaceutical aphrodisiacs in the market have a number of side effects and hence Yohimbe extract is preferred.

Active Principle :


Specification Grades :

2% – 98%