Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus Terrestris, locally known by the name ‘devil's weed’ is a part of ancient Indian and Chinese Treatment methods.

History has evidence of claims by early European Olympic Athletes who claimed to have had boosted performance skills by using the devil's weed. Ever since, this plant has been a constant ingredient of numerous health supplements that claim to boost their libido as well as act as a testosterone booster. Apart from this, the Indian and Chinese community have adopted this as their treatment option for several ailments including a cure for impotence, a mood enhancer and a general health supplement.

Among the different names that have been given to this plant are: burra gokhru, goat’s-head, bindi, bullhead, caltrop, small caltrops, devil’s eyelashes, devil’s-thorn, puncture vine, cat’s-head, puncturevine, and tackweed.


Important Uses as Ayurvedic Medicine

The parts above the ground (including the fruit) are powdered before adding them to various other components to prepare the Ayurvedic medications. Tribulus Terrestris suppliers in India and other Tribulus Terrestris exporters know the true value and importance of this plant. The parts that are powdered by the Tribulus Terrestris manufacturers are collectively known as Gokshura which translates to cow’s hoof. This is expected to contribute to the health of the consumer in multiple aspects including their physical health. Special effects on improving the sexual health and wellness of a person is observed. The reproductive organs’ tissues are strengthened upon the consumption of the Gokshura. It is known to increase the sex drive and performance. It is also an established treatment for erectile dysfunction in Ayurveda which is also expected to increase the sperm count.

This medicine has also shown significant results as a proven libido enhancer in Women. By regulating the ovarian cycle and the menstrual cycle, thus enhancing the overall health of the female reproductive system. However this medication is not primarily aimed at solely improving sexual health. The devil's weed plays the role of a diuretic agent, enhancing the function of the entire renal system including the urinary bladder, kidneys, urinary tract.

Neurological health has been known to improve upon using Tribulus Terrestris. Some particular types of headaches resistant to normal treatment methods have shown improvement upon using Tribulus Terrestris which stimulates their nervous systems. Along with the improvement other general health conditions have shown improvement.

Our blood Is loaded with toxins and free radical owing to our poor dietary patterns and lifestyles. Tribulus Terrestris cleanses the blood and leaves the entire system and body purified and devoid of such toxins. Tribulus Terrestris has also shown improvement in the functioning of the liver by enabling the efficiency of the organ to break down fats and cholesterol better and absorb enough energy to control weight gain as well as carry out normal function.

Some studies have shown to improve upon the symptoms of diabetes mellitus in patients. Adverse effects are generally minimal, enlarged prostate being one of the side effects of this herb. Side effects such as agitation, anxiety, restlessness, and difficulty sleeping have also been noted. Pregnant and lactating women are advised against using the supplement without the express permission of their doctors.


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