Coleus Extract

This is a flower that grows and flourishes in the Southernmost part of The United States of America and in other regions of the world located beneath the equator. This flower is perennial in the warmer parts of the world but due to frigid winters in the colder parts of the world, it does not flourish well in these areas. This plant doesn’t do well in places that get very little rainfall unless constant attention is given to it. For this reason, it works best when it is planted near garden ponds or marshy places. This plant is often known as the Indian Forskohlii and is a part of the mint family identifiable by the vibrant green leaves positioned at the bottom of its long stems.

The root is known to be effective as a herbal remedy- some species’ roots resemble white potatoes. For medicinal purposes, these tubers are dried and ground up as soon as the plant progresses to its last stages of maturity and development.

Coleus forskohlii has been used for centuries in various herbal remedy concoctions around the world in Ayurvedic methods and otherwise.



It is believed that its health benefits are attributed to its key active ingredient, forskolin. Forskolin is a labdane diterpene that affects the brain, heart, lungs, thyroid, and endocrine systems of the body. Apart from all of its listed health purposes, forskolin is also used for scientific experiments because of its unique chemical makeup that has intrigued and spiked the curiosity of Coleus extract manufacturers, Coleus extract suppliers and Coleus extract exporters in India and worldwide. Forskolin is the main active ingredient in the plant.

Health Benefits of Coleus

  1. It is used effectively to treat ailments of the heart. Those who suffer from high blood pressure or congestive heart failure can benefit from taking Coleus extract because it is an effective antihypertensive medication. This plant also reduces swelling and inflammation in the arteries and thereby treating and curing problems of the heart.
  2. It is an effective treatment for improving upon the symptoms of those who have low testosterone levels. Low levels of the sex hormone testosterone is easily boosted in a matter of a couple of months following treatment using this herbal remedy. It can be used by both men and women who are struggling with health problems related to such hormonal condition, such as low sex drive, decreased bone density, reduced muscle mass, poor immune system functioning, and diminished self-confidence that occurs as a result of the psychological impact of the diseases.
  3. The main reason why Coleus is used by people worldwide is to help them lose weight. It is assumed to be effective for this purpose by decreasing appetite, which aids in controlling the number of calories that a person consumes on a daily basis and incorporates into their body. The property of increasing testosterone levels also aids in this aspect. Those people who suffer from obesity are considered to have too much estrogen in their body, so by fixing this issue, weight loss becomes effectively simpler.


Active Principle :


Specification Grades :

10% – 20%