Ashwagandha or the Indian ginseng is an ancient ayurvedic herb that has been used for centuries for its medicinal purposes. It is derived from the Sanskrit words “Ashwa” meaning “horse” and “gandha” meaning fragrance or aroma. So it technically signifies an aromatic root that is used in Ayurvedic products. It is known to treat many ailments such as stress, anxiety, skin diseases, gastric ailments, memory loss, leukoderma, insomnia and arthritis.It is known to be used for men and women for weight loss when a regulated dose is taken. This plant is a small shrub that bears fruits, but the roots of the plant are used for medicinal purposes as well as in dietary and natural Ayurvedic practices.

All Ashwagandha suppliers, Ashwagandha exporters or Ashwagandha manufacturers in India sell Ashwagandha as powder and capsules and it is readily available in general medical stores and Ayurvedic medicine stores.



Importance and Relevance

Although it has been used by man for several centuries now, how exactly its root works in the human body still remains a mystery. Though used as proprietary medicine, it is the best natural alternative to regular medicines as it has proved to be the most effective among the remedies.It is known to have calming and soothing effects as well as anti-inflammatory effects, which takes care of the nervous system. People with arthritis or muscle stresses have used Ashwagandha extract and found it to be quite relaxing. It is available in capsule, tablet, powder and many other forms, and they can be purchased offline and online. It is always advisable to use this medicine after consultation with an expert or a doctor. You may acquire symptoms of an ailment that might require different medical attention, so it is always a good practice to visit a doctor first.

The effect of its dosage may differ from person to person, so you should avoid taking as much as you can in a single period, to see quicker results. However, modern science does not seem to have a definite answer to what exactly Ashwagandha extract does in the human body. So, if you feel the need to get a herbal treatment, you can go for Ayurvedic consultation too. Also, if you are already on a prescribed medication, it is advisable to stick to it rather than changing medications without prior consultation.

Benefits and Effects

Since Ashwagandha is known to have calming and soothing effects on the human nervous system, it is used in the treatment of many ailments such as insomnia, anxiety and ADHD. It immensely aids in relaxing and sleep exercises and prevents the nervous system from getting exhausted due to stress or depression. It is also used to treat migraine and other memory related issues.

Some of the best benefits are listed:

  1. Enhances strength and vitality of muscles
  2. Aids in loss of weight
  3. Induces sleep and relaxation of the mind and brain
  4. Supplemented for arthritis
  5. Treats ulcers and chronic ailments
  6. Soothing effects for insomnia
  7. Induces energy by reducing muscle stress and fatigue
  8. Effective as an antioxidant for mind and body
  9. Reduces drowsiness and worn-out feeling of muscles
  10. Treatment of cold, cough and fever
  11. Strengthens the immune system
  12. Helps to treat terminal illnesses such as cancer, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease
  13. Effective for liver diseases
  14. Helps to maintain cholesterol levels and remedy for chest pains
  15. Prevents high blood pressure
  16. Effective use for diabetes
  17. Helps in digestion and prevents constipation

Active Principle :

Alkaloids Withanolides

Specification Grades :

0.5%-1%-1.5% 1%-1.5% – 2.5%