Gout can be tackled too by Colchicine

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Colchicine is the medicine used for the prevention or treatment of gout attacks (flares). Usually, gout symptoms develop suddenly and involve only one or a few joints. The most affected parts are the big toe, knee, or ankle joints. Gout is caused due to excess uric acid in the blood. When uric acid levels in the blood are too high, the uric acid tends to form hard crystals in the joints. Colchicine decreases the swelling and lessens the buildup of uric acid crystals that cause pain in the affected joint(s).


This medication can also be used to prevent attacks of pain in the abdomen, chest, or joints caused by a certain inherited disease known as familial Mediterranean fever. Colchicine decreases your body’s production of a certain protein (amyloid A) that usually builds up in people with familial Mediterranean fever.


Since Colchicine is not a pain medication, it should not be used to relieve other causes of pain.